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Somebody Up There Has Mixed Feelings About Me

I found out earlier today that Browny, the dog I've had for fourteen and a half years probably has a cancerous tumor in her leg. One that,if it is cancerous (they haven't gotten the results back, but the vet didn't like what he saw, when he went in to get whatever it was they needed to do a biopsy) isn't really treatable because it's in the muscle and the aggressive treatments and possible amputation would probably kill an old dog like Browny quicker than letting it run its course.

All this for the dog we've always joked about being "Too Mean to Die."

So, please humor me and watch the Statler Brothers dress in cowboy outfits and flail spastically when they pretend to get shot.

And pray for my Boo Dog if you're into that kind of thing, and if not just hope (for my sake) that I won't get too thrown out wack by all this.
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