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When You Are Sixty-Five

As a slight change of pace, I have decided to celebrate the birthday of my favorite bald, blue-eyed Statler by showing off my poetic chops. Originally, I was going to post the lyrics to DS's beautiful song "When You Are Sixty-Five" (hense the header for this post), but instead I'm gonna share with you two poems I wrote in the Statlers'/his honor within the past year or so.

Here goes nothing:

"A Note to a Hero"

If I wrote you a song would you listen?
I’ve heard that your radio is on
Or would you quietly turn it off
When I write will you be gone

You always wrote songs about heroes
I thought maybe I could try
You said you wrote three minute stories
I’m afraid I write three minute lies

Sometimes I write you letters
In prose but usually verse
But I always seem to get tongue-tied
Bad words come out worse

I’m trying to say you’re a hero
Up in the ranks of your own
If the best way to say it is to say it
Then wherever you are is home


"The Fifth Day of June"

I walk through the garden alone in my thoughts
Not a care in the world for uncasted lots
I watch the fine roses climb up the wall
And wonder do they shatter or break when they fall

In a bed of roses on the fifth day of June
With a heart so young given away too soon
But it wouldn’t matter for I’d give it again
For all these fine roses and the brief thrill of sin

Sacred and haunting are the songs in my mind
A rocky beginning grown sweeter with time
Daydreams and real life get tangled so tight
I’ll go to my garden do you love me tonight

Pretend and forget is what I do best
Happily gaining and losing my rest
I dance in the silence to a make believe tune
Among the roses on the fifth day of June
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Those are both great! I love the first one, especially, "You said you wrote three-minute stories/I'm afraid I wrote three-minute lies." I love all the Statler references too. I'm sure DS would indeed be honored.